Georgi Svanidze
Georgian businessman, entrepreneur. His name is related to popularization and cultivation of olive and promotion of olive oil culture in Georgia.
Château Svanidze
"Château Svanidze" is a wine-making estate owned by the Svanidze family.
Tika Tours
TikaTours is a Georgian luxury tour operator for discerning travellers seeking life-changing travel experiences

Georgi Svanidze - is Georgian investor, Public figure, Businessman

"Château Svanidze" is a wine-making estate owned by the Svanidze family.

To Svanidze’s name is related popularization and promotion of olive oil culture in Georgia.

Tika Tours - is a Georgian luxury tour operator for discerning travellers seeking life-changing travel experiences.It was Established in 2001.

The site is located above the historical center of the Old Tbilisi, on MirzaShafi Street, which is arguably one of the City's oldest streets.

Sulfur hot water is located inTbilisi, in the old part of which, according to historical information, is the building of the city Tbilisi.

hOMEAfter finishing the school I entered Tachnical University of Georgia. In parallel, together with friends I started thinking about that I had to do something in order to have our own income. We always had an ambition to do something which along with the personal income would be useful for the country too.

The first affair which I had done in terms of business was that we used to go to Azerbaijan and buy the tobacco, we carried out product fermentation in Lagodehi fermentation plant and after that it was delivered to Tbilisi Tobacco Plant by us. As we were young boys, they perceived it unseriosly and offered ready cigarretes instead of the amount. We said “why not”. At that time, we learnt that in Armenia, at the border the cigarette was more expensive than in Tbilisi. We took those cigarettes and transferred to Armenia and carried out its realization. As a result we got more profits.

What profit did you get from tobacco business at that period I understand that, that amount of money is perhaps ridiculous for you now, but still?

At that time, the profit was really big, about a thousand dollars a month, which later had increased up to 100-200 thousand dollars. It was a quite profitable business. In Moscow I really had to live for a little period. Doing business turned out to be simpler there. After that I got married and then we moved to Holland. This is the period when my sister was in Holland by student exchange program and we too, my spouse and I entered college in Holland, then I continued study at the university. Soon after the honeymoon, it turned out that both of us entered college. Exactly, in Holland I created my first company, "Future Step” (Step in the future).

At that period my friend Achi and Rezi Arveladze were in Holland, who used to play in team “Ajax” and I together with them created my first Holding Euro Center”.

We did our best to help Georgia from Holland. I remember one of the TV programs, where one lady asked Eduard Shevardnadze crutches for her sick mother. Then I remember we loaded the container with 3000 crutches, wheelchairs up to 100 for disabled persons and sent to Georgia. As well as, we used to send food for children and other different types of aids.

But after achived success, why did you return to Georgia?

This was our initiative and desire. We sold everything, capital which we gathered at that period and returned to Georgia. We decided to invest in several directions, such as agriculture, real estate and tourism. The first business we started was a real estate. I established the company "Euro Build" and built one of the beautiful houses near the crossing of Chitadze and Chonkadze Street in Tbilisi, which became "the best project of the year" on the same year. Also, we introduced and implemented the new technologies in the construction sector, in Georgia.

As well as, we were the first ones, who built the first effective house. We introduced the method of house wrapping up warmly and the costs in this direction will be decresed by 30-40% for people living in these houses.

Upon completion of the project we continued to work and it was time to enter into the agro sector. I can boldly say that we brought the olive culture to Georgia. We have already planted 250 thousand plants. We placed Georgia on the world map as the olive oil producing country.

Our important project is Isani Mall, where we have introduced another innovation. I.E. This is the first construction in Georgia, for which we hit 90 boreholes. The land is warm in winter and cool in winter. We get the warmth from the earth warmth and warm the shopping mall, and as well as we are getting cold from the ground and we make cooller the shopping center in summer. This is really a great innovation.

You have been leading the Diaspora Investment Support Association, what is the working style of the Association? As far as I know the association has 100 ready projects already and according to thes projects can you say in what direction the diaspora is interested?

We have already started implementing several projects within the Association, but most of the projects belong to the agro sector. We believe that Georgians living abroad are all willing to return to their homeland, all of them are patriots and all of them see the nightdream in Georgian. Everyone wants to have something in their own country whether this garden or plantation, where he or she will arrive and build the house that’s why making such plantations is important for them. If anyone has the opportunity wants to build a hotel or an enterprise.

You have told that most of the projects already processed belong to the agro sector. In general, investment in agriculture is more risky than in any other direction, which depends on its turn on different factors. I.E. based on what data do you believe that this field is more developing in the country?

I cannot agree. Risk is everywhere. I will tell on the basis of my example. We had the problem of grasshoppers but in the end everything ended positively. The risk is not big if you are building a garden it's a relatively less risk than one-year culture crops. One-year culture may be spoiled by the weather, but when making a garden may be bad weather at that day and freezing on that day, but would the same weather be next year? I think that if you start and do something right and with heart, you can reduce the risk.

Olive plantations and general enterprise - this is truly an innovative project in Georgia and in this respect you are pioneers. As I remember the research was conducted by Turkish specialists and it was revealed that the favorable climate for olive plantation is in Kakheti, Imereti, Marneuli and Guria regions. As I know you have the olive plantation in Kakheti on 300 hectares, are you planning or not, increasing the plantation and will it be only in Kaketi?

Do you work in the field of agriculture only in thie direction?

No, we have other projects, we produce exclusive wine in Kakheti, which is sold in London Boutique. Only a few thousand bottles are produced of “Chateau Svanidze” and it is only exclusive, natural and bio. This wine is sold in Georgia in one of the "Bohemia" networks.

You also represent CAPITAL PARTNERS OF GEORGIA, which should carry out the project of Mirza- shafi street in Abanotubani.At what stage is this project currently and what volume of investments includes the development of this street?

The Mirza-Shafi street project is quite innovative too. There will be residential type apartments, hotel. This is a tourist route and obviously there will be developed café-restaurants, which is also important for the tourist route. The construction of service apartments are supposed too, which will be managed by "Kempinski". It will be similar project to that we meet in London, Paris and others.

You are actively involved in tourism too, do you work on inbound or outbound tourism?

We are on the market in this direction by the name of"Tika Tours" and it has been named twice as tourism company inbounding the most tourists. We work only on inbounding tourism, and we do not outbound tourist.The main goal of the company is to promote Georgia as much as possible. I would like to tell you that we brought the first Singapore and Thai tourists to Georgia. Quite big number of famous tourist used our services, for example, Larry Fitzgerald, who is an American football star and also Smith's family, President of the World Olympic Committee, President of New York University and others. This is the lady Eliot form Singapore, who is the richest woman in the world she is also a philanthropist who builds schools. There are also people whose confidentiality must be protected. "Tika Tours" has 15 international Televisions brought to Georgia, which have prepared various kinds of subject matters about Georgia. "Tika Tours" brought to Georgia as well as Tom Singh, who owns the brand "New Look" and this brand officially is represented in Georgia. Singh is a billionaire officially and has made investment in the country after being in Georgia and opened his own shops. He is going to enter with the second brand in Georgia, it is about "Forever New".

We brought to Georgia by Mark Daniel, who is an advisor to the US and Singapore governments. He has a program on CNN and BBS and always emphasizes the uniqueness of Georgia in her own speeches. This is a man who predicted the world crisis. Besides, the World Bank and EBRD Financial Model was made by him. We also had brought Andreas Hammer, by whom was made the fast train project, he had carried out projects of a lot of billions. Such people are already our ambassadors abroad and are promoting Georgia in their own surroundings.

I would like to certainly mention that "Tika Tours" is the partner of the world class "Keren Dawn", which is the owner of the number one tourist company in the world.

Are you a philanthropist?

In this regard, I have a bit of anxiety talking about myself, but I'm active in terms of charity. I help 2 homeless childrenhouses, we have made some parks of attractions. I am the President of the Patriarch's Foundation "Make Georgia green" and we have quite a lot of trees planted throughout the country. We are also investors of several monastery complexes. Charity has a great place in my life.