Georgi Svanidze

Date of birth: April 7, 1971, Georgia


Marital Status:Spouse, 3 children

Nationality: Georgian


  • 1988-1993 years – Georgian Technical University
  • 1996-1998 – DeltionCollege (Netherlands)
  • 1999 y-Utrecht University          
  • 2002 y- Bernitz college (USA, Chicago)

Business and Activities:

1999 year–he established a first large logistic company “Future Step”.

1998 -1999 years - he established the company “Euro Center” , which carried out big, developing projects in Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Netherlands and in different countries of the world.

1998 year – by his initiative the first Georgian “Sunday School” was opened in Holland.

2006 year – he sold his business in Europe and returned to Georgia;

2015 - 2017 years - Advisor of the State Minister of Diaspora;

2017 year – The representative of Chamber of Commerce in Benelux countries

(Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg).

After returning to Georgia (2006) his investment portfolio includes three main directions; These are real estate / development, tourism and agro sector. The total amount of investment carried out by him in this period exceeds 50 million dollars.

He owns olive tree plantations and olive reprocessing factory in Signagi district. With his name is linked revival of olive culture in Georgia and fixing of Georgia on the map of olive producing countries (the volume of investment carried out in this direction exceeded 10 million GEL by 2018).

He is the representative of Capital Partners Georgia – in Georgia, which is a new project of MirzaShapistreet located in Abanotubani, which costs 60 million. In the field of tourism he is operating by the name “Tika Tours”. He is a partner of number one international company “Keren Down” in the tourism field, which mostly works on VIP clients.


  • In 2007 he was awarded with a "Golden Wing"
  • In 2006,  he was named as a Honorary Citizen by the edition “Time and People”;
  • In 2015 he was awarded with the Medal of Honor (the Ministry of Diaspora);
  • 2018 - Winner in three nominations of business award of “Georgian Times” (Best Businessman, Best Investor).


  • 2018 year - Chairman of the Association of Olive Entrepreneurs of Georgia
  • 2015 year - Chairman of the Patriarch's Foundation "Make Georgia Green"
  • 2014 – Founder and president of diasporic business association
  • 1996-1997 – Chairman of Georgian Diaspora in Holland
  • 1997-1998 – The employee of the European Commission of the Netherlands - International Relations manager.
  • Representative of Georgian Chamber of Commerce and industry to the Benelux countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg).
  • The advisor of the Ministry of Diaspora in investment part.
  • Public figure, Maecenas and Businessman.
  • Advisor to the Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia
  • President of Georgian Olive Producer’s Association
  • President of International Olive Council (IOC) – 2020 - 2021
  • President of Georgia Saudi Business Council