DSC 0144 600x899Georgian businessman, entrepreneur. His name is related to popularization and cultivation of olive and promotion of olive oil culture in Georgia. Thanks to his enterpreneurial activities Georgia is added to the list of olive producing countries.He launched olive tree plantations with the blessing of Cathalicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II and by the help of Turkish diaspora. The companies “Georgian Olive” and “GeoOlive” have invested several millions in planting olive trees on 360 hectares (200 000 plants.) Same quantity of plants were donated for charity reasons. Georgian olive products are produced at the specially equipped factory, which was opened in 2016 and is located in Sighnaghi, Sakobo village.Georgi Svanidze manages family business “Chateau Svanidze”, which is famous by it's wine. In 2017, “Chateau Svanidze” was awarded a golden medal and a Gran Prix in Moscow. A business group, which is managed by G.Svanidze in Georgia, has made several investments in the field of real estate, building/constructing, agriculture and tourism. The group’s total contributions into the budget of Georgia exceed 18 million GEL. Over 800 people are currently employed at the company. 

He was born on 7th April in 1971 in Tbilisi. Studied at the Technical University of Georgia (1988-1993). In 1996-1998 he studied at the College of Deltion in Netherlands. In 1999 he continued his studies in the University of Utrecht on a faculty of Economics and in 2002 he finished his studies at the College of Bernitz in USA, Chicago. In 1999, he established a logistic company named “Future Step” in Netherlands, which was oriented on a transportation. Next, with partners he found a company “Euro Center”(1998-1999) which created big, developing projects in Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Holland and in other countries. In 2006 he sold his business in Europe and came back to Georgia. In Georgia he was mainly oriented on real estate, development, tourism and agriculture. With his help, investitions realized in the last years overcame 50 million dollars. He owns olive tree plantations and olive reducing factory in Signagi. To his name is related bringing the culture of olives into Georgia, developing and popularizing it. By the 2018 in this field investments made up to 10 million laris. He is a representative of “Capital Partners Georgia”, who is planning to start a new project which costs 60 million GEL on Mirza Shaphi street located in Abanotubani. In the field of tourism he operates by the name “TikaTours”. He is a partner of a worldwide known touristic organization “Karen Down” which mostly works on VIP clients. In 2007 his project called “Real Stage” was awarded a title of the best project. To his name is related building “Isani Mall” and “Kempinsky” project on Mirza Shaphi street.