The olive (Olea) is the last name of a plant of families of olives

"The olive tree is a tree that provides a mystical connection between the Earth and the sky" - so it was thought from old times, it has been respected in all times. It represented the symbol of wisdom, maturity, and nobility. The ancient Greeks made crowns from its branches. It is believed that the olive tree was spread out from Greece in all over the world.

There are historical facts of olive existence in Georgia. Olive breeding was started in Akhali Atoni by monks in 1879 and planted a large plantation. After becoming a Soviet Union it was replaced by other cultures. Many people may not know that there were more than 60 species of olives in Georgia and one of them is called "Tbilisuri".

The name of the businessman Giorgi Svanidze is linked with the development of olive culture in Georgia, its introduction and production in Georgia, thanks to whom Georgia is listed on the map of olive producing countries.

"The history of the Georgian olive" starts from one of the most beautiful region of Georgia - Kakheti.

The first Georgian Olive Reprocessing Plant opened in the village Sakobo, Sighnaghi region. The enterprise was opened by the Holland and Turkish investment in the framework of the project "Co-Financing of Agricultural Production Reprocessing Enterprises". The project, total investment of which is about 5 million GEL was made by businessman Giorgi Svanidze.

The olive enterprise is equipped with ultra modern technologies that enable the production of high quality competitive Georgian products. Factory's performance is several hundred tons per season 10 tons per hour). The introduction of olive culture has been actively implemented by “Geo Olive” LLC and “Demetra” LLC in Georgia for the last 7 years. 250,000 olive plants have been brought in Georgia, investment of several million were made in order to build up plantations.