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Abanotubani is the oldest part of Tbilisi. Sulfur hot water springs are generated from Tabor mountain. Tbilisi thermal waters are characterized by healing properties. Temperature of springs ranges from 24 to 27 degrees.

Tbilisi baths are also mentioned in ancient documents and travelers' descriptions. According to the Arab Geographer of the 10th century, "here water boils without fire". Kazanian wholeseller Vasili Gagara, who was passing through Tbilisi in the 1930s of the 17th century, informs us: «... а божим созданием тех горячих колодезов есть за 60ю И над колодезями ученены палаты вельмо красные, а в тех горячих колодезях моютца за бани место христиане и бусурмане, и трутца кисеями, а не вениками, а веников не знают».

Tbilisi baths, as well as other parts of the city, have been destroyed many times, renewed and rebuilt. Most of the baths reached to us are dated back to the seventeenth century.