Georgian company has opened a high-tech enterprise of Olive in Georgia

Tbilisi (GBC) – Olive processing begins in Georgia.

The company “Georgian Olive” opened the first olive processing plant equipped with modern technologies in the village of Sakobo, Sighnaghi Municipality.

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Georgian Olive will appear in the market in October

BUSINESS MEDIAGiorgi Svanidze, head of the company "Georgian olive" created with Diaspora Capital, says with the "BusinessContact" the both black and green olives will appear which will be sold in network markets.

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"Georgian olive" is already on sale

GEORGIAN PRESS"Georgian olive" is already on sale and it is possible to purchase it from today on the Carrefour network. The olive enterprise is located in the village of Sakobo, Sighnaghi region, which was opened by Dutch-Turkish investments and the produced products have been already lunche in the retail network.

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Georgian olive will be exported to the US and  Europe    

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Imedi News - The Minister of Agriculture, Levan Davitashvili got acquainted with the process of production

and reprocessing of olive harvest in the village of Sakobo, Sighnaghi region.  According to the owner of the

enterprise, Giorgi Svanidze, Georgian olive products are popular on the local market. In the nearest future

the company plans to export products in america, Europe, Transcaucasia and Commonwealth

of Independent countries.

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Giorgi Svanidze: "Instead the bank and the state working together, it's happens on the contrary”

commersant.geWhat is similar and what is different between doing business in Georgia and Holland, how the Banks hinder the agriculture, which is promoted by the state, what is the most attractive for investors in Georgia - the businessman Giorgi Svanidze talked about this and other issues in the show, "business with Sandro Vepkhvadze".

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Giorgi Svanidze is planning to increase the production of the wine


Giorgi Svanidze plans to expand production of "Chateau Svanidze". 

According to the businessman, the enterprise will be equipped with the latest Italian equipment and "Chateau" will be able to produce 1.2 million bottles of wine. 

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Georgi Svanidze: "Only with reliable People can be achieved success"

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On October, radio "Fortuna" and Gvantsa Laghidze's program "Success of Formula" hosted the head and was founder of the company "Georgian Olive", - George Svanidze.

After graduating from the Technical University, George continued his studies at the Business and Administration course, and later went to Chicago, after which he founded the first company in Holland with his associates. 

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Giorgi Svanidze: Diaspora Investment Support Association is preparing more than 100 investment projects

parlamenti usufashviliBusinessPressNews - The chairman of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee, Gubaz Sanikidze and his first deputy, Shalva Kiknavelidze met with representatives of the Diaspora Investment Support Association in the Parliament today.

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Giorgi Svanidze: "Economic emissary will further assist business development"

thumbForbes Georgia - "I think this new position [economic emissary in thr embassies] will further facilitate to business development  because when the ambassador is in that country, of course, the Ambassador has a lot of official meetingand he determines not only the business but also the policy. 

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Media representatives visited Georgian olive plantations

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Tbilisi (GBC) - Media representatives visited the plantations of the "Georgian olive" company. The journalists took part in oil picking and saw the enterprise process.  The founder of the company Giorgi Svanidze talked to media representatives about the olive traits and prospects of expanding the company. The demand for Georgian olive and towards olive oil is increasing on international markets

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Georgian olive oil will represents  the new product on the market

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Tbilisi (GBC) - "Georgian olive" will make an effort in perfumery too.

The first product - the soap made by using the olive oil will be represented on market from spring.

Giorgi Svanidze, the owner of the company says that soap has special qualities. It promotes skin renewal and nutrition. 

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 After Georgian wine, Georgian olive oil, whiskey and tea will be exported to China

Tbilisi (GBC) - China's big importers are interested in Georgian products. The export of Georgian olive oil, whiskey and tea produced in Georgia will be exported to China. Official agreements were signed withim the framework of business forum of international commerce chamber and Development of trade and economic relations in the Province of Dziangi.

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Carrefour exclusively presented Georgian olive


Tbilisi (GBC) - From today "Georgian olive" is in the Carrefour network.  In the market olive oil is presented in 250 grams, 500 grams and 1000 milliliters of packaging. Olive oil is also sale.

The owner of the company Giorgi Svanidze says that the enterprise has reprocessed 30 tonnes of olives at the first stage. In the future, the company will start production of pulp, pomegranate and peach oil.

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Georgian Olive Harvest


Tbilisi (GBC) - The company owns olive plantations in the area of ​​300 hectares in Sakobo. From the obtained crops by cold distilling method is received olive oil. The company also produces soap with the same raw material.


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Investor plans to launch Mirza-Shafi project by the end of the year…


Tbilisi (GBC) - The Mirza-Shafi project is at the last stage of discussion.  The investor took the remarks into consideartion and presented the new project too, which is prepared by the company "DMARK".

Giorgi Svanidze, founder of CAPITAL PARTNERS OF GEORGIA says that the working project has been underway for years and it has been prepared in full compliance with legislation. 

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Georgi Svanidze will build a new olive plantation in Taribana


Tbilisi (GBC) - Thecompany "Georgian olives" will build up a new plantation of olive oil in Taribana, Kakheti.

The new garden, with the support of the State Program "Plant the Future", will be planted in 1000 hectares, by which in ownership of the company "Georgian olive". 

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