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 Giorgi Svanidze: "Instead, the bank and the state worked together, it's happens on the contrary”

What is similar and what is different between doing business in Georgia and Holland, how the Banks hinder the agriculture, which is promoted by the state, what is the most attractive for investors in Georgia - the businessman Giorgi Svanidze talked about this and other issues in the show, "business with Sandro Vepkhvadze".

- Now we are in the restaurant "Marani", before it was called "Bohemia". Why did you rename it?

Wine-making made me lured, that we had to end up in the cellar and we called the restaurant "Marani". "Marani" is a world brand, this network is in Moscow, in London, they’re thinking to grow in Miami and I think, it is one of the best networks, and we are happy that "Marani" is part of Tbilisi.

- How much bohemian is Georgian Business? 

It’s bohemian and that was the reason why I returned from Holland. The capital we have earned and received the knowledge for 17 years in Holland, we brought it and invested in Georgia.

- Is there any difference between Georgian and Dutch business, such as between football teams?

There is exactly the same difference, they have Mara Pele and Maradona there too. We have one of two serious businessmen in Georgia.

The Dutch are best businessmen in the world, the whole world recognizes it.

- Is it better to hold the Dutch concepts in Georgia?

It might have been better to have the Dutch business approaches and legislation and played by the same rules in time. Holland is definitely the best business player, and today, with the other countries, Netherlands invests the largest investments in Georgia.

Imagine, the Dutch have developed such a good business concept, that any other investor invests in Georgia from Holland.

Success in the economy of this country has begun, since the Queen gave them the right to smoke healthier cannabis (hemp). The Netherlands had previously been economically "failed". Nowadays, they have a million tourists in a single day, which are mostly hemp users. I think the process of liberalization will be the prerequisite for the double-digit economic development.

- How much do you write to the country's economic team from the 10-point system?

I think that, the faces that have been exposed today, are professionals in their case and I welcome the new economic team. The old team was acting correctly, but I am sure that this team will reach more.

Georgia's economy is founded on tourism and agriculture. I think that, in any of the countries of the world, there is no such support in the field of agriculture, as in Georgia. Unfortunately, in the background of this promotion, it is not often financed by the Banks. Instead, the bank and the state worked together, it’s on the contrary.

- Do you think banks hinder the development of the country?

I think, if at the first stage, the government helps them, at the next stage the banks should finance the farmers, and this will facilitate the quick harvest.

If the banking sector looks like a car, I’ll say that the filter has to be replaced. They have done a lot for the development of the country, but it should be seen - what does “doing a lot for people” mean? Indeed, the percentage should be lower. The business loan is 1-2-3% everywhere in the world but in Georgia it’s 11%.

What is your opinion on the Russian market?

I think that, in case of conquering any market of the countries, the Russian market really has its historical charm with Georgia. Europe, China, America, Asia, all of them aspires to Russia and want to contribute the products. I think that for our entrepreneurs and especially wine, the Russian market is the most important.

If you look at the way to Kakheti, you will notice that the vine is planting massively. During the rebuilding of Georgia there was always planting a vine. Over time, our products are getting better, as this is about the packaging of wine, as well the greenhouses.

—China Market?

We have sent the samples to China so far and we are looking forward to expand the market in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Holland.

As you know, we are producing olive oil, and nowadays, almost 500 h of plantations have been planted. In general, the oil is determined by the four-volume acidity. The best is "1" and relatively low quality - "4". Our oil was estimated at 0.3 to 0.7 in Holland, which is the best indicator, they asked us to sell all the products for them, but we are on the Georgian market too and naturally, we can only provide some part of it.

- How do you assess the government by 4-point acidity?

In terms of supporting the people, the country and business and agro sector, I would rate it to 3.99 from 4. They are very active, especially the Minister of Agriculture and also the Ministry. I have a good relationship with everyone.

- If he/she were a football coach, which managers and ministers of economic profile will be staffed in the team?

It depends on who we are playing with, in forward definitely- Bakhtadze, as midfielder- Levan Davitashvili.

— Favourite watch brand, car

Patek Philippe, Hublot ; a carToyota Land Cruiser 200 and Mercedes, basically, I’ll outline these two brands.

- It is more important for the businessman to have competence or ability to adapt.

Both are important and also important is the hard work and the luck, getting to the right place at the right time.

- Can we say, that we have learned doing business?

 I have a touch with the young people, who have been educated abroad and have heard about their visions and business and I think, that they are world class businessmen, who have modern education and I think that Georgia will soon be prosperous.

- What are your future plans?

I think I'm a happy man. I do what I love, I love wine, I've been doing this work and we've become the best, we have won a gold medal and grand prix, among 100 countries we were named as the best. I love olive oil and by the quality it is the best in the world. I do what I love and I do it well.

We started working on a new idea, I want to introduce Avocado's culture in Georgia and plant it. We also think to build a hotel. We have been in Holland for 17 years, we have acquired the knowledge and capital and returned to our country. As Patriarch says, Georgian people are happy in their country, we opened the 1st Georgian school in Holland and we try to promote Georgia everywhere. We have a country of great culture and history and we’ll grow our economy ten times with our right promotion.