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Giorgi Svanidze: "Only With ReliPeople Can Be Success"

On October, radio "Fortuna" and Gvantsa Lagidze's program "Formula of success" hosted the head and founder of the company "Georgian Olive", Giorgi Svanidze.

After graduating from Technical University, Georgi continued his studies at the Business and Administration course in Holland, then went to Chicago, after graduation of which he founded his first company together with his fellows. Later, Giorgi expanded his business in Cyprus, Belgium, Kazakhstan and Singapour. Having returned to Georgia by the knowledge obtained abroad, he invested the entire capital along with tremendous experience in Georgian industry.

Mr. Georgi, when did you start the olive business in Georgia and at what stage are you today?

– - We started business in Georgia 7 years ago, exactly at that time we planted the first seedling of olive, annualy we enriched them and now we have more than 300 thousand saplings. My partners are Turks who have huge traditions of olive production and many years of experience. However, they were very surprised when the saplings brought to Turkey were much faster in Georgia. In addition, our olives differ from Turkish with skin and with relatively small seed, which improves its tasty features significantly and, sets more fruit than in Turkey. After harvesting I became the witness of one more miracle – when 1 liter oil is filtered from 4- 5 kilograms, in our case for 1 liter was 3 kilograms enough, of course it speaks about its high quality.

– As far as I know, Turkish investors arrived in Georgia and conducted special trainings to Georgian farmers. How quickly did Georgians sense it ?

Turkish instructors trained Georgian farmers and agronomists for 2-3 years. We have gathered a very good and serious team, which takes care of the olive gardens and provide proper work of the factory. Only professionals are working with us, while 85% is the best indicator for gardening, our index is almost 100%. Of course, the patriarchal blessing helped us to succeed, that’s why all saplings are thriving so fast.

Your business is oriented on growth and not only produces olive oil but also olive oil, and then plans to produce peach, apricot seeds, and grape seeds oil.What time and how much money is needed for this super plan?

We were the first to open the olive factory in Georgia and put Georgia on the map of olive producing countries. Of course, the next phase will be expansion. We are going to produce peach, pear, and grape seeds oil in the future.

In your opinion, what is the business environment in Georgia today and how much is the state involved in its development?

We have been doing business in Georgia for a long time, but what the country’s government has been doing in recent years, even the Ministry of Economy has never been done. I can remember a lot of projects, including “Produce in Georgia and და “Plant the future” , besides this exactly the state financed the 70% of purchase of saplings and 50% of drip, we obtaind grant of 40 % in the construction of the plant, and received the loan just for 1 %. I have been in many coontries of the world and to tel the truth I have never seen such a thing. Today Georgia is the best investment country where everyone wants to come and invest.

– As far as I know, replacement of the imported products will happen exactly by national product.What is the quality of Georgian olives and how much Georgian users trust it?

Any products produced in Georgia are biologically pure products. Since the establishment we have been working with a German organization that provides a geological certificate. Plantations are monitored annually and all are delighted because we work with all the rules and law. We use only biological fertilizer, which is produced by Kaspi biological fertilizer plant. Very soon you will be able to taste our olive oil and you will see how different it is from other similar products and how high its quality is.

–We are talking announced export and world market, specifically which market is the most profitable for us and with whom are you negotiating?

First of all, of course, Georgian customers will taste Georgian olive oil and bring our products to the supermarket network. After settling in the Georgian market, we are going to export to abroad. We already have negotiations with "Carrefour", in other words our products will be available in every "Carrefour" center all over the world. We plan to go to Russia, the United States and the European market next year. So we have a lot of plans.

– When the harvest of the olive is and are you goin to participate in it?

Supposedly, we will start harvesting by the end of October and it will last for a few months. I will definitely participate and invite others. In addition, we are already working on the opening of the nursery of saplings, where more than half a million sapling will thrive every year. Some part of the saplings will be sold, and some of them will be transferred to the farmers so that they can get the olives themselves and get the harvest exactly from them.

How difficult is taking care of olive saplings ?

– It is not difficult. In contrary, it is very simple.

What is the role of information campaign and how important advertising is to promote products?

As all other products, olive production needs certain marketing. The demand for products is very high, so we try to make the right steps and do not disappoint our customers. Supposedly, our products will be available for everyone by November.

        What kind of master cook are you yourself and which dish do you love most to make?

Culinary is my hobby, I am gourmand and I love to cook meat and fish dishes.

What do you pay the most attention in relation to business partners at the business meeting?

I take care of any case and matter with great caution. Because, well-planned work - it's half of success. I think any business partner should be a member of the family and consider business as an own child. With this kind of attitude I am sure any affair will be successful. Of course, the trust is very important, because the success can be achived with only reliable people.

- What quality do you value the most in employees?

- I appreciate the most willingness and fitness for work because I think that a person should be in love with the work he does.

How are you born new ideas in your company and how often do you consider employee’s opinions?

We will consider any new idea with great attention, always take into consideration the opinion of our staff and we definitely take decisions as a team.

How quickly do you make a decision?

Quite quickly, but definitely after thinking and well-analyzing.

Blitz questions:

- How many kilogram of olives is need for one liter of oil?

In general, 4-5 kilograms, in our case, 3 kilograms are enough.

What slogan does your company have?

– "Produce new and best!"

What profession do you dream of in childhood?

I dreamed of being a businessman from a childhood.

- The phrase that you most often refer to during the day?

– ”Hello!”

- Do you love sports and what kind of sport do you prefer?

- I love swimming very much.

How do you start your morning – With cup of coffee, the Internet or the pool?

I do to the pool.

- What question of the journalists irritates you the most?

- I have not met with a journalist whose question would irritate me.

- Are you a collector?

- Yes, I have a collection of old cars.

If you had a sheet and pencil, what would you draw in the program "Formula of Succes"?

I would draw you.

- In your opinion, what is the main character to achieve success?

- Be sure to be disciplined, to have a goal and to know what to do, because the correct goal and its consistent implementation leads to success.