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Media representatives visited Georgian olive plantations

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Tbilisi (GBC) - Media representatives visted the plantations of the company of "Georgian olive”. The journalists took part in oil picking and saw the enterprise process.

The founder of the company Giorgi Svanidze talked to media representatives about the olive traits and prospects of expanding the company. The demand for Georgian olive and towards olive oil is increasing on international markets. Accordingly, the company of "Georgian olive" plans to expand and plant additional plantations on 1000 hectares. "Expansion of olive plantations for the region will become an additional source of employment and create a stimulus for development. The increase of olive oil production will create 800 to 1000 jobs, Georgia's export potential will be increased, and most importantly, Georgia will be the fixed as olive producing country on the world map. Georgian olives are very attractive for export markets due to high quality and low acidity, "said Giorgi Svanidze.

I will remind you, that within the framework of business visit of “Partnership fund” in China, in relation to the export of Georgian olive the official agreement with China's largest investment company was held in connection with export of Georgian olives. On the exhbion held within the framework of international business forum of Dziangi Province in which Georgian entrepreneurs took part by support of "Partnership Fund" China's importer companies have shown great interest towards Georgian natural products. Including on the Georgian olive oil.  Through the Partnership Fund's efforts, we were able to enter China's largest market in a very short time. It's usually 7-8 yearsneeded for this, "said Giorgi Svanidze. According to him, demand for Georgian olive oil is huge and the supply of resource products at this stage is small. That's why the company is planning to build up the plantation and increase the production.

"Developing the olive culture is very impotant for the region. Additional revenues are emerged, which will be directly proportionatly reflected on the level of the life of local people. In the climate of Kakheti region we can produce the best quality oil, so we should be able to satisfy the demand for local and export markets, "said Davit Saganelidze, executive director of "Partnership Fund ".

The plantations of the Company “Georgian Olive” and the production process was looked through by the representative of media in the framework of the media seminar held by “the Partnership Fund” in the hotel "Radisson Collection Tsinandali" in Kakheti.

The first Georgian olive production started in the village Sakobo in Sighnaghi district last year. In the enterprise two types of olive oil (black and white) are prodeced by high standards with cold filtering technology. The Olive Gardens of the company “Georgian Olive” has been planted on 300 hectares in Dedoplistskaro and Sighnaghi districts. The company now produces organic, biologically pure olive oil, packaged olive oil and soap. About 800 people are employed in plantations and factories. Georgian olive oil is being sold in network markets with the mark “Carfour” ..


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