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Giorgi Svanidze will build a new olive plantation in Taribana


Tbilisi (GBC) - "Georgian olive oil" will plant a new olive plant in Taribana, Kakheti.

The new garden, with the support of the State Program "Prospective Future", will be planted in 1000 hectares, which will be a 1400 ha plantation in "Georgian olive". 400 of them are in the village of Sakobo.

The founder of the company says that there is a huge demand for Georgian olive products, which can not be satisfied with small raw materials.

About 400 tons of crops were received from 400 hectares of tractor this year. Due to the high quality of olives and especially low in acidity, demand for Georgian products is among the big parties, including export markets.

The "olive oil" of China also wants to buy oil from the cold exposure. The export contract has already been signed. Products are supplied by the network companies operating in Georgia. Carefour has also petitioned the company to put their own brand on packaging, thus becoming the international network of Carefour for the "Olive" Georgian product.

23.12.2018, 2018, 22:30