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Investor plans to launch Mirza-Shafi project by the end of the year…


Tbilisi (GBC) - The Mirza-Shafa project is at the last stage of discussion.

The investor took the remarks into consideartion and presented the new project too, which is prepared by the company "DMARK”.

Giorgi Svanidze, the founder of CAPITAL PARTNERS OF GEORGIA says that the working on the project has been underway for years and it has been prepared in full compliance with legislation. The coefficients and project and scales have been changed.

"The project is prepared in compliance with all legislation, the K1 and K2 coefficients are in the order. There is nothing raised on the contrary, it is decreased. If earlier project was planned to be carried out at 45 thousand sq/m by new project we plan to implement the project at 36 thousand sq.m. In other words, the scale is reduced by 20%. Now we are at the overcoming stage of the last phase. This is an agrrement on external visual. We suppose that we will start implementation of the project by the end of the year, "said Giorgi Svanidze.

The investment value of the Mirza-Shafi project is 60 million USD, which will be carried out  by Kempinski, with which the contract is already concluded.

"Mirza-Shafi Street project is quite innovative. There will be residential type apartments and a lux hotels. This is a tourist route accordingly it will be loaded with tourist infrastructure - luxurious cafe-restaurants. It is also said the construction of service apartments, which will be carried out by "Kempinski". It will be a complex project that we meet in London, Paris and elsewhere, "Svanidze explains.

The businesses say that the project will be suitable for VIP tourism. There will be 60 high class rooms and 13 presidential rooms in the hotel, plus 50 high class apartments.

"Apartment, 50% of the buyers, we suppose, are Georgians living abroad. This is an acceptable investment for them, because they come to Georgia for a short time. In another period, "Kempinski" will rent the apartments to various businessmen, diplomats and others, "the businessman says.

According to him, investing in the hotel field is quite longterm and the removal of investment is calculated for 10 years term.


1.05.2016, 11:39