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Georgian company has opened a high-tech enterprise of Georgian olive in Georgia


Tbilisi (GBC) – Olive processing begins in Georgia.

The company "Georgian olive" opened the first olive processing plant equipped with modern technologies in the village of Sakobo, Sighnaghi Municipality.

The enterprise was built with Dutch-Turkish Investment and in cooperation with Agricultural Projects Management Agency, within the framework of the program "Co-Financing of Agricultural Products reprocessing and preserving enterprises" (345 800 USD).

The total investment cost of the project is up to 5 million GEL.

According to the founder of the company Giorgi Svanidze, the olive enterprise is equipped with ultra modern technologies that enable the production of high quality competitive Georgian products.

The production performance of the plant creates the possibility of producing several hundred tons of marinated olives and the highest quality olive oil of extra virgin per season. As a raw material wil be used olive produced in Georgia.

Products are intended both for local market and for export. Target markets are Transcaucasian countries, America, Europe and the space of Commonwealth of Independent States.

Giorgi Svanidze noted that he began working on the project with the support of Patriarch and Georgian Diaspora seven years ago.

The companies “Georgian Olive "and" Geo Olive " carried out several million investments, resulting in 300 hectares of olive plantation (250 thousand olive plants). The first harvest of Georgian olive will be reprocessed by the company in it own enterprise. We are very proud that we have managed to do this and today we have the opportunity to offer a unique Georgian product to customers as well as exporting it outside the country, "said the businessman.

It is planned to start producing the oil of grape pips, pomegranate and peach in the future.

"This is a diaspora investment, our fellow-countryman who had left Georgia invested and built olive gardens, in total there are more than 200 hectares. The processing plant was opened in Kakheti region. He employed more than 100 people, producing organic, biologically pure olive oil and also packaged olive oil. With agriculture support programs, we have financed many interesting projects in the region. This project is among them one of the important and I hope similar projects will be implemented, "said Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili on the opening of the enterprise.

It should be noted that the business group, headed by Giorgi Svanidze, has already invested in the fields of real estate, construction, agriculture and tourism in the country.

The amount paid to the state budget by the group is 18 million GEL.