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Georgian Olive will appear in the market in October

Giorgi Svanidze, head of the company "Georgian olive" created with Diaspora Capital, says with the "BusinessContact" that both black and green olives will appear which will be sold in network markets.

According to Giorgi Svanidze, export of olive and olive oil is planned abroad. The company is considering exports to both the region and EU countries.

The first olive reprocessing plant equipped with modern technologies was opened in the village of Sakobo, Sighnaghi municipality several months ago.According to Svanidze, the first group of olive oil was produced last year. The head of the company thinks that they will be able to produce 80 tons of oil this year, and by 2020 their plan is to produce a million tons.

Giorgi Svanidze speaks about the advantages of Georgian olive oil and says that products are of high quality, unlike from imported.

"Georgian olive oil is made without toxic chemicals. We have a claim that we are producing high quality products. Basically what is imported to Georgia is the olive oil of the second-third category, which is of low quality, "said Giorgi Svanidze.

Author: Salome Metskhvarishvili